Sunday, April 22, 2012

well i will tell you about my cooking experience with baklava.
baklava is often a pastry that strikes fear into almost any cook and baker. i will admit it, it is a time consuming recipe and an expensive one at that (primarily because of the expensive nuts you use) baklava is a traditional greek desert. the recipe i used to make baklava was Alton brown it was the simplest yet still a very long recipe.
what i found frustrating about this recipe was that no matter how hard i tried the philo dough would stick together, not all of the sheets would just in certain places which was frustrating but i still managed to do it. but sadly during this recipe i had an incident where i was making a second batch of clarified butter i used up first batch already and i wasn't paying attention and the clarified butter caught on fire. but i was fine and managed to put it out without any damage and it was my first fire. but just if you were to make this recipe remember to work with the philo dough FAST, it sicks and becomes unusable alas for me.but i think this is one of my favorite deserts (not to make though lol)
the actual recipe -

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