Sunday, April 22, 2012

well hello my name is Tiernan, and i will start my blog now. i decided to start it on cooking. im sure i will stray off on tangents and talk about video games, books and other hobbies but right now let me start talking about cooking.

Im not an expert on the subject i simply love doing it and especially love trying recipes from all over the world whether its trying to make baklava or something odd like Graibi (a lebanon cookie) that uses rose water which was very interesting at the time. majority recipes i try that are exotic is from my cook book a Bakers Odyssey it has soo many recipes from all over many different like a cookie i remember making calling for clarified butter which i found to be different but turned out very well. but i love making just regular chocolate chip cookies for family as well.

I often cook with my family and it is a big part of my mothers side of the family. a reason because of that is my grandmother used to own a restaurant in steamboat colorado and she has a cook book made back in the 70s we still have a few copies which we use, its called "i <3 cooking" by Barbara silva.

now that i have a slight introduction if anyone were to read this blog. now let me tell you about some of the recipes ive used and how my experience went with them

if you have any questions about me,cooking manga or video games. Ask and i will answer to the best of my ability.

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